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Publication in German Wedding magazine WEDDINGSTYLE 4/2016

 " Under the Pines" - Wedding inspirations Ibiza

In the shadow of the pine trees on Ibiza took this inspirational shooting place. In cooperation with Spanish and German vendors we realised an eco-friendly wedding theme.

The mood of the pictures is given by the natural surrounding of the pines and bushes. The natural theme is highlighted by wild Rosmarin and Lavender. Both are growing in the countryside on Ibiza and we only needed to pick it for the shoot.

Love of nature is going hand in hand with sustainability.

The whole stationary is on craft paper with hand made calligraphy. Little branches decorate the papers.

Recycled vine bottles are the vases.

The long drinks are served in jars.

Clothes are made of silk and linen.

Antiques and vintage accessories make the mix perfect.

The rings are made out of olive tree wood.


The sceneries of the shooting follow the schedule of a wedding day:

Ceremony under the pines with

Champagne reception at the bar

A wonderful decorated table

And a bride and groom portrait shoot in the countryside


To describe the shooting with a few words:

Love of nature


Full of lovely details



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