Why an engagement shoot on Ibiza?

The question should be why not?

Springtime means engagement shoot time. And here is why!

If you think of a photo shoot you think of the pictures you will receive:

Beautiful images showing your love in my Fine Art Style.

But it's not only the result, why you should do an engagement shoot it's also the experience.

Being in front of a camera with your beloved person, having a fun time together, making a new experience is the thing that counts. And on top of it you receive the images of you.

An engagement shoot at a place you love on Ibiza is more like a walk in the park together with your photographer. It's a relaxed atmosphere. You will do everyday things like walking hand in hand, sitting on a bench or cuddling each other.

These pictures will show you in this special time in your life in a natural way. You are engaged and feel even more connected.

And an engagement shoot, when you are planning your wedding, is also like a first date with your photographer. You can see, how she is working and she can get a feeling for your personalities. Are you bit shyer or are you used to the limelight? She can see what your best angels are und can show you, how she will help you to feel comfortable in front of her camera and look best. So you will feel more safe and secure in her hands on your wedding day.

In my wedding packages is always a one-hour-engagement shoot included. My former clients would all agree when I say, it’s really important to receive natural and authentic wedding pictures, because you know me even better, trust me even more and be totally yourself when I am around with my camera. We will have become friends somehow.

The engagement photos themselves will also be this way, but you will find out, that the first pictures are maybe a little bit formal till you feel more secure… but that’s the reason why I offer it. I want to avoid stiff photos on your wedding day.

I am also bookable for an engagement shoots whenever you feel you need one. It’s always a nice present to your fiancé and real love experience. And I lovely memory of your stay in Ibiza... like Jacqui & Dan did in the pictures at their rented villa.

If you want to book your engagement shoot before you book your wedding I credit a part of the amount of the engagement shoot to the wedding package amount.

I you haven’t seen my engagement pictures before: THIS WAY!

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