Ibiza Wedding | What your guests shouldn’t miss during their stay

An Ibiza wedding is something very special of everybody: you and your guests.

A lot of your guests will be the first time on the white isle. You know it like your home,

But they don’t.

You have your favourite places you want to share, because you want them to take part in your life. That’s so important.

But think about your first stay on Ibiza. What have you seen at your first trip? It was maybe not the super hidden beach club with the fancy cocktail…

I remember what it was, what made my first stay on Ibiza unforgettable and switched on the desire to come back again & again, till I stayed forever…

First of all Ibiza nights are special. I love to walk around in the “dalt villa” close to midnight and look out for a new summer dress. Ibiza town in the evening with the shops ad restaurants is magical. Let your guests discover the old part and the castle and dive deep into the Ibiza feeling. And to make it even more special, park your car at the marina and take one of the boat taxis to the old part of town. It’s so much fun to go by boat with the view of the castle of Eivissa.

Of course every tourist goes there, but I think it is still one of my favourite places to find presents and little gifts: Las Dalias. The hippie market in the north is a great place to discover the creativity of Ibiza and a little bit of the primarily hippie flair.

Platges des Comte is one of my favourite beaches. It is magical during sunrise and sunset. This is one of my beloved shooting locations. A cocktail during sunset at Sunset Ashram would be a drink your guests never forget.