Bridal Boudoir Shooting| Brautboudoir Shooting

Braut boudoir shooting

If you want the rise the anticipation for you groom to become your hubby on the wedding day, you should make him a very special present. Surprise him with bridal boudoir photographs.

A bridal boudoir is a sensual portrait of a bride. Like the word boudoir suggests it’s a shooting with a very own aesthetic taking place in a bedroom, bathroom or living room. It shows the bride in intimate & relaxed situations.

The photographs celebrate the beauty of the female body and show it in an artful & playful way.

Most of the time females, including me, are not very happy with their body, even if they have a great one. There is always something to optimize. A bridal boudoir will show that you and your body are the most beautiful. And I guess the groom will agree…

The atmosphere of the pictures is bright, soft and romantic. The set-up is feminine and wedding related. Personal accessories like shoes, perfume, veil and lingerie will set the tone. The pictures highlight your best side and will show you and your groom, how beautiful you are.

The pictures can be handed over in a little album, in a frame or a little magazine.

One thing is for sure; there will be no more personal & unique present for your groom. This present he will never forget.

And you will have a fun time during the shooting with me and make a new experience, which ends in beautiful photos from you.

All brides who dared in lingerie in front of my camera were very excited and happy to have taken this step. Do you dare as well?