B&W Photography | Schwarz/Weiß Fotografie

Long, long, long time ago when photography was invented, it was just black & white.

When I started out to discover my love to photography I was shooting b&w and also developing my pictures in my own labor.

To shoot b&w is the most natural thing to me, beause I can think in b&w.

A lot of brides tell me, they would love to have also some b&w pictures from their wedding day, because they find it very romantic.

For me it’s totally clear to shoot b&w only on film. Only film transports this special, vintage & romantic feeling. Of course you can fake it digitally, but it never reachs the authenticity of real b&w film material.

B&w photography is putting your wedding report on a unique level. Every picture is a little peace of art, because shooting film means to shoot with more style security for every single picture, because film is not endless like digital.

The finitude of a film gives every shot more value. That’s while I need to shoot with a storyboard of your wedding in my head to tell your story in a strong, emotional way.

This approach is also adapted to my digital photography of course.

Taking pictures on b&w film gives me the opportunity to provide you these special pictures from your wedding, on which you look like former movie stars.

Are you ready for this experience?

Vor langer, langer Zeit, als die Fotografie erfunden wurde, gab es nur schwarz & weiß Fotos.

Als ich anfing mich für Fotografie zu interessieren und meine Liebe dazu wuchs, habe ich ebenfalls ausschließlich S&W Filme belichtet und selber entwickelt und vergrößert.