Ibiza Wedding | The right time for your Ibiza wedding

You are thinking about an Ibiza wedding. For sure Ibiza is beautiful the whole year, but there are seasons to consider.

From middle of October till Eastern the Ibiza wedding venues are almost closed, because Ibiza slows down during wintertime. During the off-season are only a few direct flights and only a few hotels and venues open. Ibiza is sleeping during wintertime.

From Eastern on more and more clubs, hotels and venues are opening again and the island comes back to life. End of May the clubs are celebrating their openings and more and more airlines are offering direct flights.

July & August are the peak months and even the hottest.

So, when should you get married on Ibiza?

I recommend you to plan your wedding during for the time during May & June or during September & October. During this time you find direct flights, hotels and venues easily. Ibiza is not so full like in summer. And the temperatures are not so hot like in July & August. All your guests also need to find accommodations. That’s easier during low season.

Happy planning of your Ibiza wedding!