Bohemian Girl Ibiza Part 2

I am thankful that I have the ability to make my dreams come true.

And one dream was to shoot this shooting with clothes from “World Family Ibiza”.

It was destiny.

I was visting a fashion show in Ibiza with labels from the isle. And „World Family Ibiza“ was finishing the show. It was great! The style, the power and above all I felt in love with a pair of shoes. Guilty!

Two days later I visited the store of them and talked to Gaya, the daughter.

At that time I knew I want to shoot with Paula a bohemian portrait, so I just asked to borough some clothes for my shoot. And they said yes, straightaway and very uncomplicated.

I said them when I want to shoot and to come over with Paula to select the dresses and accessories for the perfect fit.

And that’s how it all came together.

And if you should ever ask me: yes, dreams can come true. But you need to work on it. It will not fall into place.

Thank you to Paula and World Family Ibiza for helping me on my dream!

Enjoy the second part of the pictures with a beautiful sunset at Platjes des Comte.

Maybe know you also wish for a bohemian lifestyle?

Go for it and book your flight to Ibiza!

PS: And of course I brought the pair of shoes ;-)

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