Bohemian Girl Ibiza Part 1

As a photographer with an artistic soul I always have pictures in my head. Pictures I need to photograph.

Like these ones from my “bohemian girl” Paula.

It’s a long story till I finally made it to shoot my imaginations.

In 2013 I’ve made holidays on Ibiza the first time.

Ibiza has got me at first sight. I felt in love with the hippie, bohemian, relaxed lifestyle.

I visited Las Dalias, the hippie market, and noticed a wonderful, bohemian brand “World Family Ibiza”. My desire for bohemian portrait was born.

One year later we brought a little house on Ibiza and I started my wedding photography business on this beautiful isle as well.

I worked my ass off to get my feed on the ground and can proudly say: It worked out.

This year I am spending as much time on Ibiza as in Germany and shoot as much weddings there.

So, I’ve had some time in this summer to shoot something just for my spiritual soul.

You need to know, deep inside of me, I am a total bohemian. And if I had been younger on my first visit, I would wear flowers and feather crowns all day long.

So, this shooting is a tribute to my younger self realised with an extraordinary young woman. Paula is so strong and powerful, like I never was at the age of 16.

She is the perfect bohemian, free soul in my opinion.

Enjoy the first pictures taken at the salt loading station and Es Cubells.

And look forward to my next post, when I tell you more about my favourite brand “ World Family Ibiza” and how I get in touch with them!

PS: Pictures are all shot on Kodak film and developed at Mein Film Lab!