Almond Blossom Bride on Ibiza | Mandelblüten-Braut auf Ibiza

Do you know how it feels, when you see something really beautiful that stays in your mind forever und your thinking of it again and again….

I felt in love with Almond Blossoms on Ibiza. It was love at first sight. The Almond Blossom time is a special and very short time even before springtime. All almond trees are in blossom and the island is full of the sweet scent and you see the white and rose blossoms areeverywhere.

That was the beginning of this inspirational shoot published today on HOCHZEITSGUIDE.

I’ve asked the wonderful wedding planner Elke Nehring, First Weddingplanner, to do the styling and organisation and we found this gorgeous participates to help us to make this bridal inspiration come alive.

Pictures can say so much more than words…. HERE is the result!

Thank to all participates for they outstanding work!