Wedding Videographer? Yes or no? | Hochzeitsfilm? Ja oder Nein?

Why you should have a videographer by your side.

Do you like to see yourself in a video?

Well, I always was not a huge fan of seeing myself in a video or more funny to hear myself… You know what I mean?

But of course a wedding is an event that could not only be photographed.

What are the pros and cons of a videographer?

Well, there are a lot of pros and only little cons.

An artful, created video of your wedding is something, you will watch time and time again. Like your wedding photos.

It shows you in action and you can hear your voice, while saying yes. It is a little piece of art. Grown up with music videos like little movies you love to see your own wedding in such a 4-minute highlight film of the wedding day with emotional music.

To get such a highly emotional video the videographer needs a lot of stuff and cameras from different angels. It takes time, not only the cutting, also on the wedding day itself.

But it also means fun for you and the guests. You will feel like a movie star!

If your budget allows it, book a photographer and a videographer, because I am sure, you will not regret it to have both: natural, emotional pictures and an artful video.

Have a look at some videos!