5 reasons why you should not book 2 photographers for your wedding! | 5 Gründe warum du nicht zwei F

Let me start with a little story happening to me a while ago.

I was booked as a wedding photographer for a wonderful wedding and they booked even another as well.

Well I can deal with this, but here are some reasons why you should not do it:

  1. What will happen on the wedding day during the ceremony? While the good perspectives onto bride and groom are rare, both photographers will stand in each other way.

  2. There is a high risk that you will have a photographer in your pictures of changing the ring, making the entrance or leaving as newly weds.

  3. At the end maybe both photographers can’t take the pictures they need to tell your story of the day. While working with different lenses, angels and skills, they will hamper each other through the whole day.

  4. You will make two portrait sessions on your wedding day in different set ups. This means you are a lot more time away from your guests.

  5. During the group shots the people don’t know, where to look at. At the end there will be no group shot where everybody is looking in the same camera.

The conclusion is, that two photographers will make your wedding day more complicated and your photos will not get better.

If you like one photographer, the style, the person, everything you see and hear about her, book her and trust her. And don’t let anybody of your guests decide to book someone else.

PS: Of course it is sometimes necessary to have a second shooter. That means that you have a main photographer and a second one for a smaller coverage of time, if the schedule or the number of guests demands it. But then they are working as a team in the same style and are comforting each other.

{Me, standing in the picture!}