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Do you know this saying “ You always get what you deserve!”

It is readable in two ways. You don’t deserve anything or you will receive in the future, because you deserve it.

It’s more my kind to read it in a positive way. I will receive what ever I dreamed of.

While I am sitting in my home office on Ibiza, preparing my equipment for a long wedding day tomorrow at Amante Beach Club with a beautiful couple from London. I’ve realized I still have got what I ever wanted. That was my dream two years ago. And know I live it: Shooting weddings on Ibiza!

What about you? How do you read the saying?

While you are planning your wedding, do you think that it will turn out your personal dream wedding? Do you believe in this saying in a positive way?

There are many ways to make your wedding dream come true. And not all of it is related to money. A stress free organisation of the day is one of the biggest issues to receive a dream-wedding day. If you are not an organisation talent, reach out for help among your friends or professional help like a wedding planner.

I am writing a newsletter for your help, so please let me know, what you biggest struggles are. Just send me an email!

Kennst du das Sprichwort “ Du bekommst immer was du verdienst!”

Man kann es auf zwei Arten lesen. Du verdienst es nicht oder du wirst es irgendwann erhalten, weil du es dann verdienst