Right time for the wedding cake? | Die richtige Zeit für die Hochzeitstorte?

When is the right time for the cake?

For me it’s always the right time for cake - in the morning, middle of day, afternoon or evening.

Okay, seriously. I think there are two good points in your wedding schedule for the cake.

In the afternoon.

Cutting the cake fits perfect into your day on the afternoon, when you have an early ceremony and about two hours till you go to dinner. I love the scenery when bride and groom are cutting the cake outside in the sunshine. It looks like a summer party. And your guests can eat the cake and drink coffee while you are stepping aside with the photographer to take your portrait pictures.

After dinner

Cutting the cake in the evening after dinner is more traditional. I can recommend combining it with the dessert. Otherwise the guests are full and won’t eat the cake.

When you cut the cake in the evening you can celebrate it with sparkles and make a big show out of it. A lot of receptions have nice ways of presenting the cake to you and your guests. While you are celebrating your wedding in the south of Europe, where the weather is too hot in the afternoon and ceremonies start late, you will cut and eat the cake in evening.

What ever you prefer, enjoy the cutting and the feeding of each other!

Wann ist der richtige Zeitpunkt für die Torte?

Für mich wäre immer der richtige Zeit für Kuchen, morgens, mittags, nachmittags & abends.

Aber, ernsthaft. Meiner Meinung nach gibt es zwei gute Punkte in eurem Zeitplan am Hochzeitstag für die Torte.