How to choose the right wedding vendor | Wie finde ich den richtigen Hochzeitsdienstleister

Ibiza wedding photography

On the hunt for the right wedding vendors, you will may ask yourself what is the difference between the vendors. And I can tell you: It’s not just the price.

It’s the knowledge and the will to share the knowledge with you right from the start.

When you are planning your wedding alone without a wedding planner, you will need help with the logistics and the schedule and so on.

A helpful wedding vendor will be there for you to make your dream wedding come true on every area.

For example the florist will ask you, what you want your wedding to look like as a whole unit and not just reduced to her field the bouquet and the flower decoration. A florist also knows a lot about colors, style and how much time it will take to decorate ten tables.

So, don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice in any area you might need.

Use the knowledge of the vendors to create your big day the way you want it.

Ibiza wedding at Amante Beach Club