Do we need an engagement shooting before our wedding? | Benötigen wir ein Paarshooting vor unserer H

Are you ready to celebrate your love?

You are planning your wedding and make decision on it everyday, which location, which menu, band or DJ?....

You are sure you want to have photographs from your wedding day. It's the day when you say YES and your family and closest friends will be all together to celebrate with you. You are planning a party in style and you want to make these memories last for ever.

A photographer by your side will capture it. But that's not all a photographer needs to do.

A photographer needs to take care of your comfort and confidence in front of the camera.

Do you remember the last time when you stood in front of camera? Maybe it was like mine, when I needed to have a portrait for my trainee job almost 15 years ago.

It took 10 minutes and I was told how to stand, the pose of my head and I was told to smile. I did and felt stupid, uncomfortable and got wet hands.

The pictures were awful. I never ever wanted such an experience again.

When I became a photographer I decided that I would never make people feel that way I felt. I decided to find a way to make people feel confident and comfortable in front of my camera. And that's why I highly recommend an engagement shooting or preshooting before your wedding day. It's the best way to become comfortable with being photographed. And beside that you receive pictures of you that show you in everyday life.

In my wedding reports is an one hour preshooting included. During this time we will walk around a place you chose and like, take photos in a relaxed atmosphere, chat and giggle. We will become familiar with each other. I will get to know you as an couple in love und you will get to know me as a person with a camera and not just as a photographer.

Of course you will be nervous at the beginning, but during the shooting you will relax and feel comfortable more and more. And at the end you will forget me and will just enjoy the time with your fiancé.