What does Fine Art Wedding Photography mean? Was bedeutet Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografie?

Fine Art wedding Photography

May you have read this term on my website or on somebody else’s and asked yourself what does it mean? What’s so special about a Fine Art Wedding Photographer?

Well, for me this term means that I shoot on film – yes like in the last century!! And also my digital images have a filmic touch. While I am used to shoot on film my work is more mindful and calm. I create pictures in my head before I shoot them.

The style of a Fine Art Wedding Photographer is influenced from fashion editorial shoots and also other artistic work like painting and design.

The look is dreamlike and above all beautiful. I shoot with available light and love a bright ad light look.

As a Fine Art Wedding Photographer I will tell your story of your day truthfully while I make you look and feel beautiful. I want you to have the best wedding photography experience possible.

Beside the pictures from bride and groom I shoot plenty of shots from important accessories of the day like the jewellery, veil, bridal grown, grooms attire, bouquet, stationary and table decorations. The details also show the personality of the wedding couple.

Candid shots from the guests will picture your celebration as alive as it is.

I understand photography not only as a trade. It is also an artistic act to picture feelings, beauty and personalities’ in a timeless style.

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