What do photos mean to you ? | Was bedeuten dir Fotos?


Years ago when I was younger and didn’t know that I would be a professional photographer one day, I always took a lot of pictures. I’ve had a film camera and it was with me all the time. My friends and I took pictures from everything. We went into shopping malls, tried clothes we never would buy and made pictures of us just for fun. We were crazy about been photographed and taking pictures.

Later on when I was a trainee, we organised professional shootings with friends. We’ve met in the studio and made lifestyle shootings.

When a film was full I took it to the lab and a week later it came back from the lab. My life at that moment told in 36 pictures.

I stuck the best ones into albums with dates and sometimes short text.

My sideboard is full with these albums. From every year I own an album.

But than something happened: my family was given me my first little digital camera for my private usage.

At the beginning I brought files to the drug store to receive prints, after a while I stopped it. And today I storage my pictures on my iPhone. No more albums with my life story. How sad...

Because I love to take my albums from time to time and review my life. To see pictures with friends, my family, former flats and group holidays. They help me keeping my memories alive.

Nowadays I only create albums with my work overview of one year. But I think, I should create private albums again.

I know what photos means to me. It’s my life. Professionally and privately. It’s not always easy to separate. I create pictures in my head that I need to capture with my camera. And of cause, although I am a little camera shy, I like to have photographs from myself. I like to hold pictures in my hands from earlier years. See the changes in my face and in the faces of my friend. See the different fashion styles. It always makes me smile.

Photos mean a feeling of home and pleasure to me.

What about you?

What do photos means to you?

What do you feel, when you look at pictures from yourself?