Selfie-Time | Selfie-Zeit

In a world where everybody wants everything immediately an unplugged wedding can be annoying for the guests. To find a good balance between your wish of a heavenly wedding and the wish of your guests to take some photos on their smartphones back home, means to make compromises.

Guests don’t need to take photos during the ceremony, while this is disturbing and a professional photographer will always cover every moment so much better. But afterwards I’ve realized guests go wild and want to take photos from the bride and groom.

And they want to have photos of themselves with the couple.

So this would be my guess: schedule a selfie-time for the guests.

Let them take photos of you and together and then emphasize that for the rest of the day a professional photographer will be around to take photos of them.

Never forget, of course some fun pics are nice to have, but much more lovely are professional, correctly exposed photos from you and your guests. And that’s worth to wait a little while…

PS: With me you only wait for 14 days to receive all of your highres images! And after two days you receive a sneakpeek!

In einer Welt in der jeder alles sofort haben muss, können „unplugged“ Hochzeit nervig sein für die Gäste.

Darum gilt es, die richtige Ballance zu finden zwischen eurem Wunsch nach einer Traumhochzeit und dem Wunsch eurer Gäste ein paar Fotos auf dem Smartphone mit nach Hause zu nehmen.