Let your personality shine | Lass eure Persönlichkeit erstrahlen

Do you have pictures from you, you look at and think “oh my goodness, is that really me?!”

I think all of us own such pictures.

I have such pictures from my 1st Communion. I’ve had no teeth’s in the front, so my mother told me not to smile with my mouth open. What have I done? I smiled like I never smiled before totally dummy. When I look at these pictures I always remember that and I remember how I felt during being photographed. I felt so dummy.

May you also have such experience in your life – some unnatural application photos, stiff family photos from a photo studio….

From your wedding day you want photos as well. And you think about hiring a professional and not uncle Bob? That’s the first step in the right direction.

To let your real personalities shine on your wedding photos you should have a photographer who is able to make you feel relaxed and take care of your character.

To know what’s important to you and how you are ticking, it takes some time getting to know each other. You should feel sympathy for the person behind the camera. Otherwise you will be not open enough to show your authentic personality.

I do a preshooting for example. It’s like a rehearsal. You can see how it feels in front of my camera. I can see how you react, if you are camera-shy or nervous. I can help you overcome your shyness and feel comfortable. And the next time you are no longer nervous…

If you are a little shy person and the photographer will only put you into poses you don’t feel comfortable with, but you are a little insecure to tell him, you will receive wedding photos, which have nothing to do with your personality. You will look at them and have the same memory like me with my 1st Communion photos.

To avoid that, take your time to come clear about what style of photography you want and fits to your kind and to find a photographer who fits to your personalities, takes care of you and let you shine!