Let there be sunshine | Lasst die Sonne scheinen

Yes of course sunshine is the weather for the perfect wedding day.

When you think about your big day, you see sunshine!

But actually in Germany there is not the guaranty for sunshine even in summer.

The weather forecast could be rainy…

Of course that’s not the weather you dream of, but it is also not the doom.

There is always the Plan B!

Your location will organise everything indoor, when they think its necessary.

And a well-organised photographer will spot the weather forecast the week before and will get in touch with you, to discuss the opportunities.

And there are lot: Maybe there is an indoor alternative at the reception, may you want to go to another place, or your hotel room is photogenic?

So don’t worry about the weather before. It will all be beautiful!

Rain is really no reason to worry!

And if you want to have sun guarantied: get married on Ibiza!