Schedule for perfect pictures | Plant für eure perfekten Hochzeitsfotos

Are you surfing through pinterest looking out for inspiration for your wedding and your wedding photographs?

You are not alone! I think it is a good source to get an impression what’s possible.

But don’t forget, most pictures on pinterest are made during styled shoots with a lot of time…

And that’s maybe the issue on your wedding day: The time schedule

You see all those perfect pictures made on a special shooting and than you are at your wedding day and time is running and there are only a few minutes left to do the portraits.

This is the worst case scenario, that happens more than you should mind.

I accompanied a wedding last year I was really looking forward to, because they told me about all their self-made decoration and their very British style. It was totally my kind!

And I wanted to something special for the portraits that fit their style. After church the time schedule was not working anymore. We were fallen behind for more than an hour.

And in the end I’ve had 20 minutes before the diner to do the portraits. But the light was perfect and the pictures are one of my favourites from last season.

It turned out great, but it was stressful for the couple and for me!

Stress that should not be needed by anyone!

A lack of time in the schedule to not take all the beautiful shots you’ve seen so many times on photographer’s websites, pinterest and wedding blogs.

You put so much afford and creativity into your wedding styling and decoration that it is a shame not to picture it in a fine art kind.