Who is in? And who is out?

Who don’t want to be invited to a wonderful celebration like a wedding?

I would love to…

And I think everybody else too.

But seats are limited.

So, it’s time to think about who is on the list.

Is it your aunt third degree or your friend from elementary school?

The best thing to start is to write down a list, each of you on your own. You have a bride’s guest list and a groom’s guest list.

Maybe there are some people on both lists like close friends.

Take a close look at both lists:

How many guests do you have in total?

Have both lists the same number of guests?

Get both lists together to one and decide, if the number of guests is okay or if you need to cancel someone.

To be fare you should cancel one from the groom’s guests and one from the bride’s guests alternately.

Only you can set how intimate or grand your wedding should be. It is your celebration!

Celebrate it in your unique style! And the number of guests is also your choice to make.

Small, medium, grand – it’s up to you! Think about weddings you attended, what you liked on them. Do you want it more personal or do want a big, fat party.

Everything is possible; you just need to go for it. And of course the number of guests is also a decision that affects the budget. So be realistic and count on cancelations….

On Wednesday I will talk about your choice of location in alignment with your guests list.

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