Style a Winter Wedding | Pros & Cons

To decide if winter is the right time of year for you to get married, you should think about the pros and cons. And I don’t talk about a Caribbean winter wedding.

I wrote together the most significant ones:

The weather could be cold with rain or snow. That’s maybe the biggest con. But if you don’t mind to have no sunshine and you do not care about the weather forecast you will be enjoying the pros of a winter wedding.

In winter time it is easier to find suppliers and most of them are willing to give a discount in the low season. You just need to ask for it.

You don’t need to take care of the outside at the location, because you will stay inside with your guests. So have a close look at the space indoor.

For the comfort of all guests plan ahead with short travel ways and for overnight guests should be a hotel close by. Travel can be affected by snow and ice and elderly guests may not come because of the weather comfort.

Maybe you will not get the flowers you want and in general flowers can be more expensive in wintertime. But if the style of your wedding will be typical for wintertime for example with hellebores, pinecones, amaryllis and a lot of candles, you will create a amazing winter wonderland in budget.

Your wedding pictures will be not or only limited taken outdoor. Snow can be very romantic, but grey clouds and rain not that much. When it is to cold you will have red noises like Rudolf!!

But a wonderful alternative is a photo shoot indoor in a cosy atmosphere. This could be your hotel room or at a fireplace. So choose your wedding location also with an eye on the possibility to take pictures there.

With global warming our winters will be no longer so cold then years ago, but you never know. So you are thinking about it if you will not take care on sunshine and outdoor fun, but you need to take care on snow and ice.

So if summer or winter the weather is always the big unknown!