Time is on my mind. And on yours?

When I was younger I was a chaotic, little girl. I was my mum’s nightmare. I never wanted to tidy up my room or to put away my cleaned clothes into my clothed.

I was not very organised at all! But my mum was and still is and somehow I inherited it from her when I got older. Maybe it is because of my profession, where you need to be very organised…

For me as a wedding photographer a good organisation of the wedding day is very important, because I need to know upfront, what will happen when. And beside the time line of your wedding day I will write the photography time line for the day.

What’s that?

It is a time schedule where you can see which photographs will be taken when and where.

So, for me and also for your witnesses and maybe videographer a time line is necessary.

And today I want to give some more information’s about it, what to include and how to write it.

When you have finished all of your planning and you are clear about everything with every vendor it is the time to write the time schedule.

You start with the waking up und you end with the last dance.

First write down the most important times of day for you, like starting with the getting ready, drive to church, ceremony, congratulations, champagne toast, registry, cutting the cake, dinner, speeches, throw of the bouquet, first dance, musical act