Just engaged? Starting your planning! Set your priority!

You’ve set your wedding date, you booked you location and you are working on your invitation list that means you have started the planning of your wedding day.

Getting married means more than just saying yes.

You have your own vision of your big, special day.

But you need help to make this dream come alive.

To get your planning organised, you should make notes about what you think you should need and where your priorities are.

When you have chosen your location already you know what style you want: barn wedding, garden wedding, chateau wedding or industrial? The next step is to get your vendor together.

Write down the different vendors you need: flowers, rings, candy bar, DJ, photographer, bridal dress, grooms suit, stationary, the cake and so on…

Your wedding is not an ordinary event like a business party. It’s one of the most special, intimate days of your life. That’s why you should take care of the choice of your vendors.

First start with a little internet research or ask friends and family, if they know someone.

Take a look at their websites. Do they show samples in the style you like? Do they have a blog? Do they have special offers, like sign ups or something? That’s a good signal that they want to connect with their clients.

Don’t choose to many vendors of one category to contact or meat in person, because your time is rare. Three is almost the maximum.

In a personal conversation you can get to know the person behind the website. That’s important. And its very important for businesses like DJ, free preach and photographer. These persons are around you on your big day.

Make a little list what you want to ask. There are a lot of lists out there on wedding blogs and magazines, but I think, it’s better to write down you own, personal questions.

Because only you know what’s really important to you.

One good sign for a vendor who will take care of you and your wedding with passion is that she/he will listen to you and your vision. And not talking all over hers/his great business!

This part – the organisation of your wedding vendors – is the most time taking and important one. You should start with the searching of your “weeding team” as soon as you know your date! Because then you have the biggest choice of vendors.

To organise all different quotations and conditions, I recommend a big notebook where you can write down the single topics of each category and compare more easily.

I know your budged is not infinite. So get clear of the importance of every part.

What is most important to you? The dress, the dinner or photography!

Maybe some parts can be organised with friends and family – others not?

You have to feel confident with the planning of your wedding day. It is the celebration of your love.

If you feel overwhelmed, reach out for help – witnesses, friends or a professional wedding planner. Sometimes it’s better to let your wedding be planed, because you don’t have the time for it or you don`t want the stress before.

On Friday I talk about what to consider to your time schedule!

And in between I can recommend a powerful blog post about budgeting of my lovely

collegue Cat Hepple from the UK:


I hope this was helpful!



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