Dreams can come true


first of all a big THANK YOU to all of you who visited me at my booth on the WHITE Düsseldorf last Sunday! Actually I haven’t got the time to talk to every visitor at my booth in person because I was one of the organisers from the WHITE. Running around was my main part on Sunday ;-) But I hope my friend Ulrike took good care of you, when I was not there. And maybe you also took a ride in my original London Cab with my friend Astrid as your driver. A huge thank you to my girls, too!

I am wedding photographer who likes to take care of all organisation stuff – my own business, private stuff and I also like to help others. Maybe that’s why I was asked to help with the organisation of such a big event like the WHITE.

A dream came true with this little, exquisite wedding fair. Over month and especially the last weeks we worked almost everyday on the creation of this fair. My main part was to coordinate all exhibitors and to take care of the guests who booked a VIP ticket upfront.

On the last two days before we build up the three different weeding worlds and helped the exhibitors to set up their booths. The former empty hall became the wedding fair as we imagined it.

To work together with great wedding vendors, to see an idea came alive and to talk to the guests who had fun on the WHITE was the best thing on it. The power of positive energy is so amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day.