MEET me!

Last year I’ve been visiting the wedding exhibition WHITE Düsseldorf.

The exhibition took place the first time and showed up with a brand new concept. Not only the vendors represented themselves on their booth.

Also all together created different wedding worlds under the guidance of Perfect Wedding.

It looked fantastic. And I really liked the atmosphere.

So I said to the owner; I want to be on your exhibition next year.

Said and done!

I represent my self under my new brand “Heike Moellers Photography” the first time on an exhibition.

And I am not just representing my self on the fair I am also involved into the organisation of this exhibition.

It was my part to take care of the vendors from the first day on.

And now we are in the last sprint towards the opening of this special wedding exhibition on the 25th of October in the Historische Backfabrik in Düsseldorf, Ronsdorfer Str. 77a

Come over and have a look at the inspirational wedding worlds and the fantastic vendors!

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