Answer me!

Do you have a lot of private letters in your physical mailbox?

No! Me not, too! Only bills actually.

So, the best thing on sending out you invitation is to receive all the answers of your guests. And to make it as much easy as you can, you send an “answering card” with your invitation.

Just think about your guests are as busy as you and to keep it simple, just let them tick the box “Yes I will join your wedding” and send the card back to you. Everything nice prepared with a stamp and you address.

And hooray, your mailbox is full of private letters!!! Great!

Your wedding invitation should contain beside the answering card:

A personal invitation text

All detailed information’s with addresses and schedules

A deadline for the answer

Maybe some information’s about hotels near by or your offer to book a hotel for them when you have a lot of guests with a long journey or you are getting married on destination

Maybe a suiting rule

Your wedding wish

A little present for your guests, maybe!

And of course your creativity can be endless for the design of your invitation and your stationary!

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