How to send a personal styled wedding invitation?

A few years ago I received the invitation of my sister’s in law and my brother’s wedding.

It was a CD box with a nice invitation and a CD in it. The mix was called “Chiemsee lounge” and was mixed by the DJ they booked for their wedding.

The wedding started with this CD. I’ve heard it a lot before the wedding. So I was in the right mood for the wedding. And during the reception at the shore for the lake Chiemsee the DJ played similar music. And the weeks after the wedding I’ve heard it also all the time, because it was such a perfect party.

I still love to hear this CD (now its on my iTunes playlists), because it was the soundtrack for this special wedding. Of course it was the wedding of my brother and we are very close.

And to send a CD with music as an invitation just perfectly fits to my sister in law and my brother, because they lived this “lounge style” and their wedding reception and dinner was just the same!

So, there are many ways to bring a personal touch to your invitation. Just think about what you love and like and the style of your wedding.

It all starts with a little “safe-the date” send out and it ends with a nice “thank you” letter! The stationery of your wedding!

And your invitation is just a part of it!

You find a lot of inspiration on pinterest and wedding blogs.

My advice to you is: Before you collect pins and blog post on your inspiration board.

Sit together and write down what makes your love and your wedding unique and how can that be transferred into your stationary right from the start. If you know that you can start with the inspiration board on pinterest, because now you know what you are looking for


If you don’t know what you want you just end up with someone else’s wedding style!