Do you also have little quirks that make your partner love you even more?

Little quirks make us unique.

These little quirks, which make our partners, mad sometimes. But in the end they love us because of it.

Nobody’s perfect. We all have our little fad or tic.

Last week a couple showed up at my office to discuss their wedding. And during our conversation the bride’s quirk became more and more obvious: shopping in big foreign cities and the groom just loved to tease her with it. That was so heart warming to notice, that I was starting to think about my own ones. One thing for sure: The world would be so boring without quirks.

I have a lot of but my main quirk is shoes!! (And handbags, little wallets and so on)

Shoes make my day and my life! There is nothing about to buy a new pair of shoes or boots!

When I was a little girl on holidays at my grandmother’s house, I was allowed to wear her clothes and shoes. And she has had a lot of shoes and really beautiful ones. She was a very stylished old lady. Maybe I inherited it from her.

My honey’s always saying I am like a little squirrel. I collect things and bring them into my lair.

Because most of the time, I wear the same shoes everyday and the beautiful, special ones I only unpack from time to time and try them and then put them pack into my closet. But I love the feeling to have a wide range of different shoes. I am prepared for every event.

What is your quirk? And what does your partner say about it?