How to get your seating plan done with fun?

All wedding planning will come to this point: the seating plan!

It's the most hated part for most. The bigger your wedding the more laborious. But it needs to be done.

First of all come clear if you want a strict seating plan or just table numbers where people can choose where to sit.

When you know what you want be confidence enough that your entire guest will be getting along with each other. They all share one common ground: the friendship and love to you. So, don't be cautious by mixing the tables.

It's fun to sit together over the seating plan and moving the names around the tables and thinking about what uncle Bob will tell your friend Steve about his health issues. Or your aunt Gerda your friend Tom about her hip problems. Or your friend Stephany about her difficult relationships to men in general to your grand uncle Paul, who is solo at the moment!

There is a lot of room for imaginations! Just let yourself go!

So don't stress your self too much to find the perfect solution, there is non. Everybody will be glad to celebrate your wedding and to be invited. It is not all about the seat!

The most important table is yours, and who sits beside you. These seats are very popular.

You choose the two persons. And they know that they are the closest friends or family.

The seating plan can take days because you might will not make spontaneous decisions. Believe me they are sometimes the best and time saving.

And why don't you just let your guests collect a ticket for their seat. That would mix up the whole party. And would bring a lot of fun!

But the most fun about the seating plan is the design of the seating plan.