Do you also have a secret pouch in your handbag?

And in there are all the things you can’t live without?

The deeper places of a woman’s handbag are like universes for themselves, right?

No men will ever understand what a girl needs and why she is willing to carry a few kilos on her shoulders around the whole daylong.

But we know it. We want to have with us all pieces we might need. And also the pieces we adore. And of course all stuff we really need.

I love to organise all my beloved pieces I can’t leave the house without in a little pouch.

This pouch needs to be beautiful and needs to have space for all my beauty and technical stuff. So if I change my handbag I just put my pouch into my new bag.

To have all these things with me, gives me the feeling of having everything under control. And to put on my Chanel Coco Rouge Lipstick from time to time makes me happy and pleased.

These little things lighten up the days and give me the feeling of home and confidence wher ever I go.

And of course I could stay alive without my pouch, but it wouldn’t be so nice!

My pouch is keeping this stuff for me:

  • Chanel Coco Rouge “ètourdie”

  • Apple earpods

  • Little wallet with

  • Hand cream

  • Door key

  • Pen

  • cream for my dry lips

What’s in yours? Any secret?