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With Love from Ibiza

Are you planning your Ibiza wedding 2019 or 2020?


on your engagement & on your decision getting married in Ibiza.


In my opinion, there is no better place for a dream wedding... & the wedding venues on Ibiza are stunning... So it seams we share the same passion for this small beautiful place on earth!

You are looking for a Ibiza wedding photographer? And you would like to learn more about my work? It is my pleasure!


You will have me as an expert in the field of fine art wedding photography on Ibiza by your side.

I have been working as a photographer for more than 15 years and my pictures are proudly featured on wedding blogs and magazines regulary.

Nothing much disturbs me. When it gets hectic, I stay level headed, calm, and helpful.

My goal is to surpass the expectations of my customers repeatedly and so once more go beyond my limits.

I help camera shy couples with much empathy to make completely casual pictures.

My style I would describe as life- or editorial style with an eye for detail, where I tell your story with natural, emotional and cheerful shots that I picture in my mind before.

Quality is more important to me than quantity. It is not the number of the photos, but the uniqueness of the pictures, which makes my style special.

I photograph both digitally and on film medium to capture the most atmospheric pictures of every little detail and  to catch the Ibiza-Feeling of your wedding for you. In the evening therefore I like to change to black and white  style.

To be able to focus on you individually, I do not shoot more than 20 weddings per year.

I cannot wait to here your love story and your vision for your ibiza wedding!

I am looking forward hearing from you - drop me line or grab the phone!


Your Ibiza wedding photographer - Heike

PS: Find helpful informations about Ibiza Weddings on my blog!


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