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Your Lovestory

The most beautiful way to preserve the memories of your wedding day.
This album is not only for you,
it's for the next generations, too.
While the wedding day passes by so quickly and the last glass of champagne will run down the throat, not much will last from this day: your rings, your partner and your photographs.
A wedding album is the most timeless way to keep your beloved pictures beside you. 
You will love the feeling of holding the album bounded in leather in your hands, scrolling the pages and letting your memories come alive.
Fine Art Hochzeitsalbum

Your Wedding Album


How do you want to keep your wedding memories and how to display them? Besides your digital images you should also consider having a wedding album put together.


You'll receive the photos after your wedding in a digital format and there is the great risk, that they will eventually remain dormant in your computer.


An album is the virtual final binding of your wedding day.


In this book your memories become alive. The pictures tell your story. In this combination the memories remain fresh and present.


You can always take the album in your hands and leaf through it. You will experience your pictures with more than one sense.


By the way: smaller albums are also great gifts for your parents and witnesses.


My wedding albums are handcrafted and take up to two months for designing and crafting.


Wedding albums start at €800, ask me for more informations.

Just send me an Email!

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